Here’s a nice problem to have: your ideation session or research has produced plenty of ideas. But you’re not quite sure which ones to pursue. What’s gold and what’s just a shiny rock?

3 Easy Steps

We present respondents with concept ideas, randomised and at high-speed, inviting them to instinctively select the ones they like best, tapping into the power of System One thinking.

At the end of the session, they are shown their top and bottom three choices and are asked to give reasons why. Our interactive dashboard lets you see results come to life in real-time, showing you a clear way forward.

We analyse the results, giving you precise recommendations on the way forward for your brand, product or ideas.


Self Service

Our intuitive self-service platform allows you to be in control of your project from start to finish, including the flexibility to customise access for your strategy partners.

Global Reach

With Google Translate integrated into our platform, you can gain access to consumers across the globe and seamlessly understand your audience at the touch of a button.

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Podium allows you to view and analyse consumer feedback, no matter the language. Mit Podium können Sie das Feedback Ihrer Kunden einsehen und analysieren, unabhängig von der Sprache. Podium le permite ver y analizar los comentarios de los consumidores, sin importar el idioma. Podium vous permet d'afficher et d'analyser les commentaires des consommateurs, peu importe la langue. Podium consente di visualizzare e analizzare il feedback dei consumatori, indipendentemente dalla lingua. 无论语言如何,Podium都可让您查看和分析消费者反馈。 Подиум позволяет просматривать и анализировать отзывы потребителей, независимо от языка Podium permite que você visualize e analise os comentários dos consumidores, independentemente do idioma.

Live Dashboard

See your session results come to life in real-time using our interactive data dashboard, which allows you to get the global and local perspective at a glance.

Actionable Results

Podium provides a definitive ranking of ideas while capturing key qualitative feedback from consumers so you can make clear decisions on how to proceed with success.

What our clients say

  • “Podium has been instrumental in our consumer learning plan. I was amazed by the speed & output, allowing me to pre-screen in a record time 40 NPD ideas across different markets which helped me to prioritize the ideas for further concepting.”
  • "Podium is a very easy, fast and super flexible tool to prioritise ideas from an external perspective, taking away the subjectivity we can have as a company."
  • "The Podium Tool was able to provide our team with a quick but comprehensive understanding of the potential for category expansion. We were able to view certain clusters of potential ideas; as well as realise what may not be appropriate for the brand at this time."

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